The Teacher 

Scotty does his best to counsel me on how to build a solid sturdy structure, but at 4 years old, I still need to find my own way.

Scott's Tower and My Town 

Can you tell that my uncle is good at building things?
He built the tower and I built the town :-)

Building Blocks 

Its been a windy cold day- so I've kept busy building things with blocks.

Uncle Scott 

My uncle is hardcore! This is a picture of him with his dirt bike, just before he took off for some trails.

My Latest Balloon Face 

I can't pass up drawing a face on any balloon!

Mom and Dad at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

I took this picture of my parents on our hike today. I did 2 miles and climbed 500 feet. I was pretty tired at the end and so was daddy.

Hiling at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

Here, we're looking at a 100 million year old sea bed.
Shale was scattered below our feet.

Hiking at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

Me and my dad at the start of the trail.

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