Super Sleep Over 

I was so lucky, my grandparents and my cousin Lindsay got to spend the night.

Goin' Bowling 

Grandpa shares some of his secrets to successful bowling with me.

Tori Amos in Denver 

My mom and dad went and saw Tori Amos in Denver last night. I got to have a sleepover with Ian and Laurel. I had a wonderful time and so did my mom and dad.

Sledding Rocks 

This is my first ever real winter! I spent an entire day out sledding and loved it!

That's me smilin! 

Have a smile on me!

Looks Like a Mini Pool 

Lindsay tries out our new tub. Looks like we might be able to in this soaking tub! This is going to be fun!

Another Reason I Love City Park 

I took my cousins to feed the ducks at City Park. Turns out, they loved it.

I Love City Park 

This is one of the reasons I Love City Park, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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