Hiling at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

Here, we're looking at a 100 million year old sea bed.
Shale was scattered below our feet.

Hiking at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

Me and my dad at the start of the trail.

Check out my favorite stunt! 
This is a link to a video of my favorite stunt in the Peking Acrobat show:

Peking Acrobats 

Tonight I got to see The Peking Acrobats at Lincoln Center.
One of the men did a handstand on top of 6 chairs stacked on
the tops of 4 little bottles on a table! It was an amazing show, I
really loved it.

Every Man Needs His Rest 

Second big and somewhat wet snow led to another snowman. This time we wanted to do something different... and here he is. Snowman at Rest.

Library Night 

This was taken with my dad's iPhone at my local library. We went for songs and stories about sleep. I got to go in my pajamas and bring my buddy Pingu!

Lindsay Lends a Wig 

Lindsay was so nice and let me try on her wig- my mom thinks I look like a doll esp. with the pink cheeks.

Hannah Lindsay 

Lindsay dressed up for her big dinner night. She really likes Hannah.

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