Scott's Tower and My Town 

Can you tell that my uncle is good at building things?
He built the tower and I built the town :-)

Building Blocks 

Its been a windy cold day- so I've kept busy building things with blocks.

Uncle Scott 

My uncle is hardcore! This is a picture of him with his dirt bike, just before he took off for some trails.

My Latest Balloon Face 

I can't pass up drawing a face on any balloon!

Mom and Dad at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

I took this picture of my parents on our hike today. I did 2 miles and climbed 500 feet. I was pretty tired at the end and so was daddy.

Hiling at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

Here, we're looking at a 100 million year old sea bed.
Shale was scattered below our feet.

Hiking at Coyote Ridge Fort Collins 

Me and my dad at the start of the trail.

Check out my favorite stunt! 
This is a link to a video of my favorite stunt in the Peking Acrobat show:

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