Rocking to Hannah  

My cousin L O V E S Hannah Montana and I like the music. In this picture we're jumping on her bed rocking out and loving it.

I'm Knackered 

I was so worn out from playing with Lindsay that I fell right to sleep in the car, on the ride home.

Perfect Day for a PicNic 

Today wasn't windy and it was 60 degrees... plus the sun was out, so it was feeling like summer. My mom took me out bike riding to Fossil Creek Park, then I came home and made my dad's sandwich and mine! We had a pic-nic in the backyard. :-)

The Teacher 

Scotty does his best to counsel me on how to build a solid sturdy structure, but at 4 years old, I still need to find my own way.

Scott's Tower and My Town 

Can you tell that my uncle is good at building things?
He built the tower and I built the town :-)

Building Blocks 

Its been a windy cold day- so I've kept busy building things with blocks.

Uncle Scott 

My uncle is hardcore! This is a picture of him with his dirt bike, just before he took off for some trails.

My Latest Balloon Face 

I can't pass up drawing a face on any balloon!

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