Hanging Out Around the House 

Hanging out around the house with daddy on a snowy- icy sorta day.

Treat Time 

Who knew that eating some peas would pay off so well ?!

Playing at the Park 

A bit nervous about taking the pole down...

Playing at the Park 

Just having fun, can you tell?

Tree Climbing With My Dad 

My dad helped all three of us climb this awesome tree- here's a picture of just us two.

Rocking to Hannah  

My cousin L O V E S Hannah Montana and I like the music. In this picture we're jumping on her bed rocking out and loving it.

I'm Knackered 

I was so worn out from playing with Lindsay that I fell right to sleep in the car, on the ride home.

Perfect Day for a PicNic 

Today wasn't windy and it was 60 degrees... plus the sun was out, so it was feeling like summer. My mom took me out bike riding to Fossil Creek Park, then I came home and made my dad's sandwich and mine! We had a pic-nic in the backyard. :-)

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