My First Airplane Drawing 

If you look closely you'll see the large airplane that I drew. I was going off the smaller version that my dad drew at the top.

Grandma says: "Justin, that is a GREAT AIRPLANE!!!!!! Wow you worked so hard on that, and
it has lots of windows for the people to look out!! I love it!"

Drawing with Dad 

Dad and I hung out and drew together- he was showing me how to draw airplanes and rockets.

Mug Shot 

A fun picture just before cake.

My Whole Class Was At The Party 

Big party turn out huh! We had a blast!

Party Time 

It's time for a party for Alex and I'm all about it!

Working on Art 

Working hard for the desired effect...

Finished Painting 

A finished masterpiece!

Hugs for a Sweet Girl 

Justin hugs a friend he made at a park today. Her name is Ava and she was so sweet and liked playing with Justin.

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