Tonight as the Sun Set 

I think this is one of my best shots to date. My dad relaxing in the front yard with me. As I told my mom at 6:30am, I love my daddy.

For My Daddy 

I got that shirt for my peep crazy dad!

As the Night Grew Old 

I like to shoot in similar places at different times, it puts a new slant on the scene and the subject.

More Pics 

A shot of my dad at the pool... I think I'm getting better at this :-)

Book O Bats 

My parent's just got me this book and its so cool.
It takes you on a night time journey with a slew of
bats to the beach. They roast bug-mallows, play banjoes,
surf and moonbathe. Its funny, wonderful to look at
and sounds good when your parents read it.

Friday Night Out with The Cowboys 

My parents took me and my cousin Lindsay to a Rodeo tonight!
I got to see cattle roping, steer wrestling and lots of buckin'.
It was a lot of fun and really really cool. I took this photo of the ladies recieving their awards.

More of My Things 

I guess I just like taking pictures of my things. This was another birthday gift that I love... from my great grandma. She rocks.

See My Car 

I snatched my mom's camera again and shot some pics of one of my Hot Wheels. Mom put these in my birthday goodie bags along with other fun things... I sneaked some extra cars my way - hehe. I thought this one was worth a photo.

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