My classroom wall 

My face is up on my Kindergarden classroom wall- I'm in the yellow flower on the lower right of the picture.

Sorry for the gap in updates 
I've had an amazing summer! I've been so busy that I haven't I had much time to keep this up to date.

I took many trips this summer- I've been to Washington DC for the Fourth of July, Chicago for Venetian Night, and I spent a long weekend in Glenwood Springs Colorado, and another in Estes Park Colorado.

After all that traveling I had a birthday party for my 5th birthday!

I'll do my best to post more often :-)


My Teacher for Kindergarden 

Miss Julie on our first day of Kindergarden.

Making My Name Tag 

Working on my name tag.

My First Day of Kindergarden 

My dad and I, on my way into my new school- The Lab for Creative Learning.

Getting things done 

Out fixing Scott's Truck- and I just happened to peek through these and my dad took the picture.

Pancake Face 

Nothing like a pancake cake for fun!

Me and My Cousin Owen 

It was such a wonderful day- we had donuts and cake and endless pool fun!! I love Owen's birthday!

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