Blue Birthday 

That's me enjoying some frosting at Kaitlyn's birthday party today.
I really enjoyed myself.

Been Down So Very Long, That it Looks Like Up To Me. 
Hey Y'all-

I've been gone so long because I've been sick. yeah. My doctor said I had the croup... I've been keeping my parents awake and busy for days. One night I got up 6 times! I've lost my voice and my parent's did too. First my mom was sick then daddy was really sick with a fever for days and then I got sick with a fever! I'm still not all happy yet. I won't be sick for very much longer though.


The hardest button to button 

Ok. You didn't hear it here, but I've been invited to join the members of The White Stripes on their upcoming tour. Don't worry, I won't let it go to my head.

Tonight as the Sun Set 

I think this is one of my best shots to date. My dad relaxing in the front yard with me. As I told my mom at 6:30am, I love my daddy.

For My Daddy 

I got that shirt for my peep crazy dad!

As the Night Grew Old 

I like to shoot in similar places at different times, it puts a new slant on the scene and the subject.

More Pics 

A shot of my dad at the pool... I think I'm getting better at this :-)

Book O Bats 

My parent's just got me this book and its so cool.
It takes you on a night time journey with a slew of
bats to the beach. They roast bug-mallows, play banjoes,
surf and moonbathe. Its funny, wonderful to look at
and sounds good when your parents read it.

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