Mountain Climb 

I spent most of the day climbing Mt. Sanitas in Boulder Colorado with my cousins.

The World is Great... The World is Scary Also... 
Hello, it's me, Justin and today I want to share some thoughts with you.
My mom is typing in order to help this post go faster.

What I'd like to share is:

Well, um today I made a special book that's called 4-Wheeler Ride, and anybody can have it but be sure to send it back to Sea Wolf Ct. It would be like a library book, it needs to be treated good and it can't be ripped up. Be sure to come to Justin's Website, there's going to be also new great things, lots of things. We're gonna have cafe's over here down at Sea Wolf Ct. so anybody can come.


All Dressed Up and No Horse 

Glass Making in Estes Park 

Watching Glass Ornaments Being Made 

Watching the glass making process in Estes Park.

Justin at the Boulder Dinner Theater with Annie 

Justin's Drawing of Ruby and Max 

A note Justin wrote to his uncle 

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