Another Reason I Love City Park 

I took my cousins to feed the ducks at City Park. Turns out, they loved it.

I Love City Park 

This is one of the reasons I Love City Park, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Pin Le Chapau 

Playing Pin Le Chapau- not bad... :-)

Coloring with other French Students 

I met and played with older kids at French Camp.
I colored with Nicole, Erin and Ben. Ben was the
nicest guy- he looked out for me the whole camp.

A New Game I Like 

This was the first time I had ever seen croquet.
I really enjoyed playing.

Part of the Poster 

I contributed to the community poster at French Camp.
My guy is the one on the far right in purple, pink and blue shoes.

I Climbed It 

That's me at Horsetooth Rock! Yeay! I climbed really well that day.

My Classroom 

I'm in that line of kids... this is in my new class, my teacher is Tim.

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